I don’t actually know where the decision came from to build another one, but we are. ((This is suddenly concerning, because I genuinely don’t recall where the decision came from.  I just know we’re both totally on board.  Weird.))

We beefed up the trailer to a tandem axle with brakes, but stayed with the same 5×10 size.  Also, paid to have the trailer decking treated for the elements.  Like last time, we got our trailer from Ranalli Farms.

We’re also following the model laid out by PaleoTools by not going the traditional framing route.  It’s what I call “Box Framing” using purlins and tongue and groove siding.  Sure, our old one is completely “buttoned up,” but yeah… it weighs a lot.

Lemme just dump a bunch of pictures in here and then I’ll make comments.

Turns out we don’t have a picture of just the trailer…

We bought 4mil plastic sheeting.  Cut out a 10’x 10′ square, folded it over, and stapled it down to the trailer decking.


Does remind me.  Ranalli Farms has their trailers custom made (yet they’re cheaper than going to the home stores) so you can pick colors.  We went with brown because… you know… wood is brown!  Right?


After that layer, we dropped in 3 sheets of Advantech 3/4″ Sheeting.  Which is tongue and groove and, in theory, fits together!


I think I used 2″ screws because the 1 5/8″ weren’t making solid contact with the trailer decking.  I just didn’t want to poke through the trailer decking.  Don’t think I did.


Didn’t want to use to many screws because the more holes you poke in the flooring and the plastic, the less water tight it becomes.


Speaking of water tight, I think slathered a fat ribbon of caulk over the seams.


I ran out of caulk, and didn’t want to leave the house… but the next step is completing a fat bead of caulk around the edges.


I’ve changed jobs and currently work for a lumber yard.  The employee discount should help a lot!  I think we’d like to keep this build more simple, so I’m hoping the Advantech is the most advanced material we use.  With that said, like last time, I want the foundation to be solid, so I’m willing to try and do it right.  Whatever that means, in this context!


I think it was all of 20 degrees.  Our corgi wasn’t pleased and tried to find warmth by the house!